The Earth Suit Project

THE EARTH SUIT PROJECT is a Kate Walz and Querencia Studio initiative that explores future fashion systems through a collection of technical and speculative garments based on fundamental human needs.  The purpose of this project is to address increasingly uncomfortable and unpredictable conditions as a result of climate change, particularly from the rapid proliferation of temperatures, water levels, air pollution, and excess of waste. Through this work, we aim to provoke a conversation surrounding what a modern-day “Earth Suit” might look like by stylizing a potential future reality that is closer than it may appear. By studying the spacesuit in partnership with Pacific Spaceflight, the garments take inspiration from the construction of spacesuits, as they serve as a model for surviving in climate conditions that are conceivably harsher than our own. Through conducting primary research with New Yorkers, the pieces are designed specifically for individuals in coastal cities who are already facing the effects of climate change. The garments explore key themes of the future of trash, capitalism and the climate, silver linings, and Max-Neef’s fundamental human needs.