Querencia Studio uses a multidisciplinary approach to address the social, environmental and human rights issues within the fashion industry. Using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as framework, our projects utilize a “Place Based” approach.

Who, what, where, why and how are all considered in the creative and production process. We’re collaborators by nature and our network crosses through the most important industries and sectors that, together, can help bridge fashion and sustainability.

 The process, to us, is the product. What we create is not just the physical pieces we sell. It's also the change we leave behind, the people and places that got us there and the impact we've had on them. 

 Querencia is a metaphysical concept, an idea, that within us all, and within the natural and supernatural worlds, we have a safe place, a haven. By bringing together the scientific and creative communities, we're facilitating a dialogue on the future of fashion.