Q Global Ambassadorship

Welcome to the Q Global Ambassadorship Program.

If you’re a student, educator or innovator who believes in fashion’s power to improve the lives of people around the world, stimulate economies and create large scale, sustainable and systemic change, apply for the Q Global Ambassadorship Program.

Launching in the fall of 2017, Querencia Studio will select global citizens who are committed to helping bring our message of mindfulness and high quality, sustainable product to their communities.

How it Works:

As an ambassador, you'll be representing Querencia Studio as a point of contact for the company, a messenger of our mission and a sales person. Ambassadors receive percentages of their sales which are tracked by personalized codes utilized for discounted pricing for their respective network.

The more sales an ambassador makes, the better their profits and rewards.

The more people wearing clothing made in the most innovative, efficient and sustainable manner possible, the better we’ll leave our planet for generations to come.

We create clothing made from stories. Now, we want to hear yours.